All I Want for October

Not only am I celebrating my birthday next month (*shudders*), it also marks an entire decade of avenging.
Yup, it would be ten years since I picked up my very first issue of the Avengers comic and I never looked back.
Since then, my collection has grown by leaps and bounds to include various merchandise and collectibles.
So it would be very nice if I can add these items to my collection in commemoration of one avenging decade!

This book is supposed to come out later this month.
I hope Fully Booked or PowerBooks would carry it.
I got the 2006 edition of the DK guide at Fully Booked before.

Supposedly this came out earlier this year but I have not seen one ever.
I hope Toys R Us or Toy Kingdom would carry it.
Unfortunately, they don't carry a lot of the Squads.

Runners up because they aren't easy to find:

Yes, I'm kinda picky that way.
The 2nd edition with the gray cover and the Avengers logo prominent.

The listings I found for this item is hella expensive!
I'm also apprehensive about buying it online and having it go through customs.

With the animated series and the live action movie coming out, there is bound to be more merchandise.
For now, I shall contend myself with these items.
So if you guys spot any of these items in the wild, do let me know.
Or you can get them for me!

UPDATE (Nov. 15, 2010):
Well, whadayaknow?
Since writing this blog, I've manage to acquire half of the items on this list.
First, the Ultimate Character Guide last Wednesday.
Then just last weekend, the Collector's Edition Toy Set.
Yeay me!

UPDATE (No. 24, 2010):
And now I'm down to one last item on the list.
Just got my Superhero Squad Quinjet from Greenhills earlier today!

UPDATE (No. 12, 2011):
More than a year after putting this list together, I finally completed it!
copy of Avengers: Emperor Doom arrived today!