Please uncomplicate me

(Note: This post was originally shared on my Multiply blog)

Ever watch those shows that begin with a montage of video clips coupled with narration and background music? That's every morning for me. I commute to work with music playing on my iPod while thinking of random things (mostly questions) that hopefully gets resolved at the end of the day.

Here's one of those random thoughts.

A friend of mine described another friend of hers as "not simple-minded, just uncomplicated". What on earth does that mean? More importantly, what does that make me?

As someone who has a less ordinary morning commute, I'm fairly certain that I don't fall into the category of "uncomplicated". I remembered that when I was in high school, a teacher of mine actually told me not to overthink things because it causes brain cancer. About 10 years later, I obviously still overthink matters, have yet to find empirical evidence to link one to the other and still deathly afraid that my teacher could be right.

I also remember that when I was in junior college, I told an org mate who was debarred from UST after his freshman year that contrary to what everyone else lead him to believe, life isn't about going to school and finishing it at an exact time. I certainly took my time - in high school at least, and it wasn't because I was stupid or delinquent. I just didn't want to take the straight and boring path of grade school-high school-college.

Now I wonder how less complicated my thoughts and actions would've turned out if I hadn't been born to a strange life. I'm sure some people have led stranger lives than I have - I wonder if they fear brain cancer too?

I end my day the same way episodes do - with clips, narration and background music. Sometimes the narration resolves the issue of the episode, sometimes a twist or even a cliffhanger happens. In my case, if I managed to resolve things, I write about it. Hence now.

Do I like complicated thoughts? The less-than-ordinary path my life had taken? Of course! After all, just like TV shows, it makes for a compelling watch.

Sadly, unlike the TV shows, there are some matters that may not take a single episode or even a single day to find resolution for.