8 Random Things

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1. Contrary to popular belief, I'm actually attracted to women. Most of my college friends know that my 1st brush with "love" was with a girl I met in high school (but that is another story for another time).

2. I like Palm PDAs. For me, Palms can give the iPod, Kindle and even some laptops a run for their money-a jack of all trades & a master of none (much like myself). Right, Alan?

3. In the various realms of geekdom, superheroes and fantasy are my thing. Not that into sci-fi and horror I'm afraid. Maybe because I was first exposed to comics and mythology early.

4. When I entered college, I said I will write, act, dance, lead, and get the highest grade (1) on any subject. By the time I graduated, I accomplished all that and more - debate, make it to the Dean's List, win a trophy!

5. I'm a frustrated: a) DJ-I have the voice but didn't develop the attitude/confidence; b) actor-I have the skill/talent but neither the range nor the face.

6. I'm the ultimate study of binary and balance - it takes very little to make me laugh; it takes just as little to make me sad. Maybe I can't hate because I can't love (see below)! Both failures and accomplishments weigh heavily on me (see above)!

7. Had things gone according to plan, I would've been on a plane back to the States a year after I graduated. But life happened and I'm still here 3 years later. I'm glad though 'coz otherwise I wouldn't have met Rej, Dek, Alec, Beejay, Lynn, Hec, Jovan, the Fabs, the Roseros, Nina, Nabs, Jon, Karen, Chiqui, Penny, Mark, Icheb, Shey, Tobie... y'know what? Too many names to mention-you guys know who you are!

8. Mika PMed me a question in response to this, which I shall now answer here. I have only once been in that category of "being in love" (whatever that means) (see item # 1). I don't do relationships. I have a string of flings and what-have-you's but commitment is something I can't do.

Actually, the first 7 things here are supposed to be in response to that Seven things that Ron and a bunch of others tagged on me but I'm taking a long time filling that one up so might as well publish them here... hehe!

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