Here, Marvel. Take My Money.

If you really wanna hurt me, this is where you'll do the most damage.
I'm already resigned to the fact that the next few months are gonna be particularly hard on my wallet. And it's not just because that gosh-darned movie would unleash hordes of merchandise that I would be powerless to resist, but it's also because I'm gonna have to rearrange, restructure, or worse - remodel my entire room just to fit them!

Anyway, here's a run down of the movie-related merchandise coming up in the next few months (or weeks) that I'm really looking forward to. Hopefully, my shops here in Manila would carry them so I won't have a hard time making acquisitions.

I don't get individual figures and "assemble the team". I prefer getting the entire group in one set! But I just might make an exception with Hasbro's Marvel Universe.
For a complete list and picture gallery, visit the ToyArk forums.
If they don't have a set, that's okay. There's still the Quinjet, which comes with an Iron Man figure. I  can just get this and collect everyone else individually.
I don't really play Heroclix, but they're coming up with a starter set.
More details from ComicBookMovie.com
Diamond Select Minimates Wave 44
Though not the movie versions, they're to be released in time for the movie.
Diamond Select Minimates Wave 45
This is gonna be tough as there are Toys R Us exclusives, and our local TRU shops don't even carry this.
Lego! ComicBookMovie has a complete listing of the sets.
Unfortunately, this means I'm gonna have two copies of some figures if I want to complete the whole set.
MiniMuggs spotted by members of the ToyArk forums.
Not as nicely packaged as last year's SDCC exclusive pack.

Funny thing about these things, especially for the Lego and Heroclix sets, are that the descriptions seem to reveal a bit more about the movie.

Flushies by Funko. They're cute, but I'm not too keen on getting them.
Pop! Marvel Vinyl Figure Bobble Heads. Also by Funko.
Wacky Wobbler Bobble Heads. Also by Funko.
More info from ComicBookMovie.com
Not entirely sold on this, but who knows?

The Art of the Avengers HC and Slipcase. Details from ComicBookMovie.com

Of course, there are other merchandise that I have no intention of getting like the perfume set and the costumes.

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