Avengers Six: The Charter

Here is something that's not as tangible as the other items on this list, yet was the most convincing proof that Slott's Mighty Avengers was the superior of all the Avengers-related titles during the Dark Reign era.

From Mighty Avengers 24
Of course, that also means the New Avengers from the post-Civil War era up to the Heroic Age also had no claim to the name, which suits me just fine. I'll take any chance I get to write off Bendis' run as fan fiction or having taken place in another reality.

The first version of the Charter on Avengers Annual 11. Love the signatures! Read the rest of it here.
Several websites have reported that the Avengers are so far the only superhero team with their own Charter, which makes them really unique. Great! One more point for the A-team!

The second UN-sanctioned version of the Charter as it appeared on the Avengers 30th Anniversary Magazine. Already obsolete since the Avengers is no longer under the United Nations. Read the rest of it here.
With multiple squads of Avengers (along with SHIELD) now under the direction of Commander Rogers (himself not an original Avenger), it is unclear whether the Charter is still in effect. Like the Communicard, it hasn't been invoked in recent years (except for the brief mention above), and has neither been reprinted on the latest editions of the Avengers Handbook and Spotlight, nor the Ultimate Guide.

Click for more information about the Charter.

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