Counting Down to the Avengers

As much as I want to avoid hyping myself up, exposing myself to spoilers, then (*gasp*) end up getting disappointed, I can't help but feel that I should do something to really celebrate the release of the Avengers movie in my own way. After all, I have been a fan of the franchise for more than 10 years now, and I know that no matter how the movie eventually turns up, I will love it and support it anyway.

Hence this ambitious project of mine that I just
launched today - 107 days from the Avengers movie, which hits local theaters on April 25. From now until then, my blog here, and on multiply and tumblr will cease to be called "Upload and Personal" and will be exclusively devoted to original Avengers-related content.

It will be full blast campaign that will affect all my social networks and will feature mostly tribute materials, news, reviews, opinions, videos, art, etc. not just about the upcoming movie, but anything and everything Avengers - from the comics to the shows, between and beyond. I've been thinking about doing this since middle of last year, and I think it's about time I get it under way.

So what do I have in store for the next four months?

- Personal stories, reviews, opinions, rants and raves, etc. The countdown widget is also there.

- Vlog, tribute videos, event coverages

- Just launched the Facebook Page for the countdown as well. It will consolidate all the updates from the various sites, and hopefully connect with other fans as well.

Google+ / PicasaWeb
- There's the Google+ Page for the project, which will also contain photo galleries

- Just news and reblogged content. Will also repost art and videos here, but mostly as a means to promote the campaign and blog. I'd like to include this platform as there is a community of fans on Tumblr (even if they're mostly Loki's, if not Steve-Tony shippers).

- Original photography - toys, merchandise, costumes, events, etc.

- ART! (Duh)

My Multiply will continue to be updated with the same content, and updates will also be broadcast on my personal Twitter and Plurk.
That reminds me: I set up the Facebook and Google+ Pages to keep my personal FB and G+ accounts... well, personal.

So there. Still working on the overhaul for most of the sites, as well as the original content I plan on sharing, but everything will be set up and ready by next week - just in time for the 100-day countdown! At least my FB cover photo is already updated!


  1. hey Kababayan I'm also a huge Avengers fan, like you I'm also eagerly awaiting its release in our home turf...btw cool blog!

  2. Oh wow! Salamat! Sorry sa late reply!
    I just saw your comment now.
    Feel free to browse around. I still have the FB page and the Tumblr if you wanna reach me and other fans as well.