Avengers Six: The Communicard!

Sure, the X-men also have their mansion and their supersonic plane, but one thing the Avengers have that they and not even the Justice League don't is a membership card / ID / ATM card/ communicator!

I know: Who needs it when the X-men has a chockful of telepaths and the League has the Martian Mahunter to rally the troops? Well, I can't argue with that logic but how about when the the psychics aren't around? For everything else, there's the Avengers Communicard!

I guess I like the idea of having members carry this doohickey around as it makes the Avengers look more like a real world organization - something I can relate to since I used to lead orgs back in my college days. There's just something empowering about carrying a card that entitles you to all the privileges, benefits, and responsibilities of being part of something bigger than yourself.

Also known as the Identicard. They were giving these away as part of the promotion for Siege.
And the thing is: Even when they're not on active duty, any Avenger can still carry that card with them and be called upon to return to active service if needed! Yes, it still comes with all the perks like security clearances and 10% off at Starbucks! Sweet, right?

Of course we haven't seen the Communicards in use in the post-Disassembled era, not even during Slott's run on the Mighty Avengers (at least not that I recall). But I'm glad that it hasn't been forgotten - the current animated series features the Communicard and it even makes an appearance right on the opening credits! (It's on 00:14)

Actually, one of the projects I want to do is have Communicards printed for each and every Avenger that ever was. I think that would be cool to use as trading cards!

Stack of Communicards based on the cartoon used as entrance passes to the Marvel booth at the last NYCC.
I doubt they would, but I would be really happy if they have Communicards in the movie!

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