Avengers Six: Assemble!

And, no - I don't mean these guys:

I mean, the six things that makes the Avengers who they are (at least in the Marvel universe). Until this weekend, I'll be posting one daily beginning with today's "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!"

It took Stan Lee three issues to finally come up with the Avengers' iconic battle cry.
Interestingly, it also took each one of the big three to arrive at it!

Captain America
*From Avengers Vol 1, No. 11

Iron Man
*From Avengers Vol 1, No. 12

*From Avengers Vol 1, No. 14

It finally made it into the cover and history by No. 16, which was also the first major shake up in the Avengers roster!

Avengers Assemble!

Props to ComicBookResources for the research!

PS: I was supposed to this as a 6-day countdown to the 100 days til the Avengers' local release, and it was supposed to start yesterday, but unfortunately, we didn't have Internet at home.

Yes, this post already appeared on my Tumblr.

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