Avengers Six: The Mansion!

I've always felt that the Avengers Mansion is more than just Earth's Mightiest Heroes' HQ.

It's their home.

Members have used it as their personal base even when they're not in Avengers-related capacity, most notably Captain America right after he got unfrozen back in issue 4.

Baron Zemo tore through the Mansion and destroyed Cap's WWII memorabilia in the Under Siege storyline.
Sure, it's not as awesome or majestic as the Justice League's Satellite or Watch Tower, but there's something about heroes being based on ground level that makes them a little more human. Exactly the kind of thing Marvel goes for.

Actually, some of my most favorite issues are those that feature the Avengers just hanging around the Mansion, doing non-superhero things like, say, holding a barbecue.
*From I Am An Avenger No. 2
You can just imagine how disappointed I was when they had the Mansion destroyed during Disassembled with no plans of rebuilding. Instead, they housed the New Avengers at Stark Tower, which just didn't really click with me (see "ground level" sentiment above).

For years, I've endured the Avengers without the Mansion and it just didn't feel the same. The Mighty Avengers' dimension-hopping Infinite Avengers Mansion came quite close though.

Then the Heroic Age came and they brought the Mansion back, which was the only thing that got me excited about Bendis' run on Volume 2 of the New Avengers.
Then he had the place wrecked up again during the Annual, but apparently the damage isn't quite permanent as the Mansion now plays home to both the adjective-less and the New Avengers.

I would love for the movie to use the Mansion, but I highly doubt they will. Oh well. At least there's still the animated show.

Click here for more details about the Mansion, including schematics!

This is part 2 of 6 in a series of blogs about what I think makes the Avengers.
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