Maximum Spoilage

Right now it's Superbowl weekend in the US.
Unfortunately I'm not in the US nor am I a fan of football (or any sport for that matter).
So what this really means for me or anyone who is a big fan of the Avengers is that we get a new trailer for the upcoming movie.
Seeing as this is just a 30-second spot, I don't expect surprisingly new footage.

Which brings me to the point of this new entry:  I want to be surprised.

Why is Thor looking another way?!
From Entertainment Weekly.
Just a few days ago, Marvel released a 10-second preview of the Superbowl spot, which totally did not make sense to me. That's 10 out of 30 seconds worth of footage, and judging from the glimpses of screen shots I unfortunately couldn't avoid, most of it is new. That means the next 20 seconds of the spot would have to be really new, never-before-seen, heard or even speculated on. And that's already a tall order considering the previously released full trailer in its American, German, and Russian translations already contain different sets of footage.

For this reason, I chose not to watch the preview and will patiently wait until the whole spot is uploaded on YouTube or something. Call it lowering my expectations so I don't end up disappointed, but I really just want to be blown away by the experience.

Seriously, Thor. Is this highlighting your good side?
From Empire Magazine.
Because that's exactly what happened with the previous Marvel movies leading up to the big one. Aside from casting news, I had no prior inkling as to what to expect from the movies. I didn't see any of those movies' concept art, official behind-the-scenes pics, leaked photos from spectators on set, not even the publicity shoots for magazines. That's probably one of the reasons I enjoyed those movies. For example, this guy's cameo in this movie came as a total shock to me but was apparently reported earlier on.

As far as THE MOVIE is concerned, I don't mind the concept art or the mag shoots, but I do draw the line at the on-set photos, regardless if they're official or not. Why? Because I'd rather keep the magic and the surprise alive. I want to see the film and never think "Hey! I saw how they did that!"

In live action!
I guess I'm just wary because the trailer they released last year left me a little underwhelmed as I have already seen much of the footage thanks to the barrage of leaked and official photos from the Cleveland and New York shooting. BTW, The fact that I know their shooting locations is disturbing me to no end.

I don't know if all these publicity stunts is Marvel Studios' way of making sure interest in the movie remains hot considering they've done a successful job of keeping a tight lid on everything else, but I'm still not buying. I want to be shocked, awed, and blown outta my wits when I leave that movie theater. So I'm keeping myself free of previews, spoilers, and even speculations.

Concept art featuring the team, the Quinjet, and Stark Tower!
That's not gonna be easy considering:
a) I need to be kept abreast of promo art as well as new merchandise; and
b) I'm using my Tumblr to share news about anything and everything Avengers. Unfortunately I'm not the only one who's posting Avengers-related content.

If you haven't already, check out this hilariously impressive DIY take on the Avengers trailer!

UPDATE (Feb. 6): The extended Superbowl spot (1 MINUTE LONG AND ALL NEW FOOTAGE) is here and it blew me away! Success!

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