Shout Out To My Fellow Fans!

Last week, upon spotting it at the Trinoma branch of Planet X, I made an impromptu purchase of this item:
Avengers: Official Index to the Marvel Universe
I didn't know it existed nor did I know what was in its pages, but reading the description at the back of the book, I figured it's an important tome for any fan to have.

Which brings me to the point of this week's blog:
I. Am. An. Avengers. Fan.
A big fan!
In fact, probably the ultimate Avengers fan... here in the Philippines at least.

I know only one other person who shares my love for the Avengers and that's my friend Oliver.
Check out his awesome work of art featuring... who else?
Check out Oliver's DeviantArt!
Oli's also a big fan of other comic book titles and characters from Marvel, DC, and even the independent rebels. Meanwhile I can't be bothered to read or care about other characters, which I guess makes me an exclusive Avengers fan boy!
Thing is: I know people who are exclusive fans of Superman, Batman, Spider-man, the X-men, etc. I even know people who are fans of Cap, Iron Man, Thor, and all the individual heroes who make up the Avengers.

But there just aren't that many fans of the team.

Photo from cosplay group Avengers Philippines
Sure, there are the Avengers cosplayers and the collectors (neither of which I am). Sure, there are even those who buy the comics because they're either blown away by Bendis' writing or because Spidey and/or Wolvie also just happen to be there.

This is what I do as a fan! I create!
Check back my deviantart for more!
And because there aren't that many fans here or even around the world, I would take any chance I can get to really reach out and connect with those I encounter.

Avengers vs. X-men cosplayers. Photo by Kit Perez.
Thankfully, there's the Avengers Forever Facebook group, which was set up and managed by the same people behind the now-defunct AvengersForever.org (which was a nice fan-run website that had great sections like profiles, downloadable goodies, interviews, reviews, etc).
Oliver is also a member along with a couple of our fellow Filipino fans who are based overseas.

Speaking as a fan, I'm not really happy with these licensed apparel designs
I spotted at SM Department Store.
Also a member of the group is Van Plexico himself who is the owner of possibly the oldest Avengers fan-site: AvengersAssembled.net. That's where I used to get all the news and information about the Avengers back when I started being a fan. He's also the editor of two books about the Avengers by fans for the fans (which is to say, they were unofficial):
I have yet to get my copy!
And of course, thanks to the movie, there are the denizens of Tumblr who claim that they're fans of the Avengers. I hope they remain fans until after the movie and explore the rest of the Avengers' world!

Outdated photo of my Avengers collection back in 2007.
This has since grown and is bound to grow even more!
So if you're reading this blog and you're a fan of the Avengers regardless if you're exclusive or if you only got excited because of the movie, and regardless if you're a Filipino, in the Philippines, or what have you, let me know!

Leave a comment below and let's talk Avengers!


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