My Avengers Assembly

It's officially 50 days until the movie hits Philippine cinemas, which means I'm halfway through this blasted countdown! As much I'd like to go on a long exposition of anything related to the Avengers, I've had a really long day and I have an even longer day tomorrow! So I'll make this quick.

Here are two recent additions to my ever-expanding Avengers collection that I just nabbed a few hours ago from Greenhills:

The Falcon and the Black Widow loose Superhero Squad figures.
I was hoping to find enough loose figures to complete this lineup:

SDCC 2010 Exclusive Avengers  Lithograph by Alex Ross
The thing about me is that I rarely collect loose toys. I prefer them packaged with Avengers branding.
Avengers Face-Off Superhero Squad
Hasbro Marvel Universe Original Avengers
SDCC 2011 Exclusive Avengers Mini Muggs 
Toy Biz Marvel Collectors Edition Original Avengers
Original Avengers MiniMates
Of course, that's not all I have!

My collection circa 2007.
Click here for detailed descriptions.
Updated collection 2012.
Evidently I have a penchant for smaller items mainly because I'm collecting a team here and I need to conserve space!

Anyway, some of the newer items added to my collection not covered in the previous blog:
Superhero Squad Quinjet
Emperor Doom Graphic Novel and Next Avengers DVD
More books and hardcover collections!
More than 10 years worth of adventures - now in two boxes! 
There's a very special story about this poster. Click here.
Siege / New Year 2010 swag
Huge-ass Marko Djurdjevik Avengers Heroic Age poster!
As you can see, I got everything I wanted and more!
Of course, my collection is expected to grow even more what with all the merchandise tied to the movie and all. Actually, I just placed an order for the following items not related to the movie:

Avengers 7-piece play set figurines
Marvel Universe (more like New Avengers + Hulk!) 7-piece play set figurines
And now I'm also hunting for these items:

Avengers Mini-kit featuring a Captain America figure, an official Avengers logo pin and a 48-page guide book!
Avengers Resin Figures Set of 8

Yep, it's definitely gonna get expensive and expansive here when the movie hits.
Speaking of which, user frenxy77 of the Pinoy Toy Kolektors forums shared this little tidbit:

Looks like we have the schedule of the toys’ local release!
I really hope to add some nice apparel and games to this collection.
Maybe the next time I update my collections blog there will be!


  1. An impressive collection I've loved the Avengers since discovering them via Marvel UK's reprint weekly in the early Seventies. Hopefully, once Brian Bendis leaves I'll enjoy their comic again.

  2. I feel you, man!
    I've been giving Bendis plenty of chances, but it's like being in an abusive relationship!

  3. Awesome collection, bro.. Have you also checked out Petron's Avengers tumblers? That's something I want to get myself!

    1. Yep yep! Already got them! They're awesome!
      I just haven't even heard of it yet at the time of this blog's writing.