Weekly Ketchup 16 - Pet-caring Woes and Holy Week Activities (Editing Videos, Gaming)

My week started off a little somber. I got home Monday evening after an epic weekend in La Union, only to be told that the adorable kitten I've been caring for - the star of my Instagram for the past couple of weeks - suddenly died that afternoon. My mom says it's probably because of the dog's playful roughing but I have my doubts. The food I prepared for the kitty was barely touched when I checked. I get a feeling they didn't feed the kitten well enough while I was gone, despite the instructions I left.

Or maybe the kitten just really needs its mom's milk to survive its first few weeks. See, the kitten was just suddenly abandoned by its mommy who is actually one of our yard cats. Me being me, I ended up taking care of it. I fed it left over mashed potato, which it liked enough, for the first few days. Eventually I started dissolving bits of dog food in water along with some mingo, and it was a hit so I stuck with that. Sometimes I would even add whatever I can mash from the leftovers. Kitten lapped it all up!

For a while I thought it was gonna make it. Kitten started being playful, following me around the house. It also developed this habit of getting up on whoever's foot it can find and latching on, never letting go even if we started walking! It cuddled up to the dog and started eating solid dog food at some point. It was adorable!

Oh well, I guess it's just not meant to be. If you go through my Instagram feed, you'll find several pictures of kittens but you'll never see any of them grow up. I don't know why but I've never been able to raise kittens, especially un-weaned ones. Obviously, I've had much better luck with puppies.

And to think there was a time when we had 11 (or was it 13?) cats around the yard. Then again, we had a house help who can look after them while I was in school or at work. Now I'm the only one I trust with animals around the house. We lost my brother's Persian because my mom decided to sleep while work was being done around the house. My brother is set to get another cat and I overheard my mom telling our cleaning lady, who comes to the house twice a week at most, that it will also now be a part of her responsibility to look after the cat.

This after my constant protest to just adopt a shelter cat but I digress. Actually, I think I'll just end the family rant right there. The rest of the week wasn't so bad anyway. Brother's home for the extended break, which always makes the dog happy.

It's the Holy Week, after all - a very important season for the Christian faith, which for me is just another long holiday break to catch up on personal projects and other things.

(Hmm. Should I really be benefit from this season considering I no longer believe?)

Anyway, I spent the extra long weekend cobbling together my footage from last week's trip into one video. I've done quite a bunch of these and I didn't realize until now that it's a 24-hour process - everything from previewing clips and choosing music to editing and rendering, then finally uploading! I know not a lot of people understand, my travel companions included, but I really get a kick out of putting these videos up - even if sometimes they just look like random clips sewn together. Please, let me edit more videos! If you could let me shoot too, that'd be great!

Of course, all this free time means more time devoted to my new hobby: Gaming! I actually got to finish all the games I mentioned in my previous blogs:

Machine Knight
May I just say: I've been considering a handheld console just so I can get back to playing more JRPGs like Final Fantasy and Golden Sun but, if this game is any indication, all I really need are my cheap Android devices! It's weird playing with just full touch screen and no buttons though (not that there's anything I can do about it).

Age of Wonders
Don't get me wrong: I still love Heroes of Might and Magic but this is a great alternative! I was so close to finishing the damn thing a couple of evenings ago - but then I effed up with the last boss I had to beat and, as turn-based games go, I had to start the final mission over! Good times though!

Warlords Battlecry
Concurrently my real time gaming fix and also a great alternative to Warcraft, which was my intro to strategy gaming! I kept screwing up the penultimate level because I didn't know how to play the race I was dealt with (the Undead). Sadly, I had to check a walkthrough online, but I eventually finished the game!

Today, I actually have a bit of a gaming marathon. I have to install and try all the games I got from GOG.com a few weeks back to see if any of them would give me problems. Otherwise, I'd have to ask for a refund (their 30-day money-back guarantee is about to lapse). Thank you, free time!

(Hmm. I wonder if I should start another blog series about the games I play?)

Tonight, I also plan to get started on some ebooks just to ease my backlog. I'll see if, after Guy Gavriel Kay and Neil Gaiman, I can still get into young adult fiction. Maybe Artemis Fowl and/or Septimus Heap?

Anyway, that's been my week. How's yours?

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