On Vidyeurism

 I can't exactly remember in what context I said it during last night's party but at one point I blurted out that "Voyeurism is in the very fabric of my existence". I got a laugh out of Paul for that one. Something to do with me shooting videos of the party.

Which brings me to this week's self-absorbed blog. Maybe for the same reason I like taking pictures, but I've always enjoyed shooting videos. Maybe it's the sentimental chap in me but I like the idea of capturing just that few moments and have it for all eternity - or at least until the format becomes obsolete. VHS tapes, anyone?

I guess that makes me a video voyeur. A vidyeur, if you will.

So as part of my goals, I decided to finally invest on a good digital camcorder after the glorified webcam that was the Aiptek pocket camcorder I've been using these past few years. Just like the GE X5, I had my criteria:

1. Handy and pocketable
2. Runs on AA batteries
3. Swivel screen
4. Works great on low light conditions
5. Earphone jack
6. SD Card
7. At least VGA resolution (I didn't care if it shot in HD. Frankly, I don't need it to.)

In all my search, I've only encountered one product that matched: The Verzio D520HD which was about P6k. It would've been perfect except for one tiny detail: The brand. I realizedbased on my awful experience with Aiptek that I need a global brand with strong product support from both the brand and the consumers. Also, making the purchase just didn't feel right wherever I checked.

I've also considered getting one of those flip cams like the Kodak Zx1 or Zi8 despite the lack of a swivel screen. Though I only fancied the Zi8 for its mic slot. I was this close to getting the Zx1 when I stumbled upon a store in TriNoMa selling it for half its original price. I guess it wasn't meant to be 'cause when I came back for it, the item had been sold.
Then I came across the Samsung SMX-C200 Memory Camcorder, which I had quickly dismissed because it didn't run on AA batteries, lacked an earphone jack, had a pinkish glow and bounced between P10k to P13k. But as fate would have it, I would run into this camcorder again at Pixel Pro Megamall while doing some last-minute Christmas shopping. I just thought I'd ask what price they can offer me for it but I was quickly sold on the spot.

1. From the original price of P13k, they gave it to me for only P8.5k. After getting this quote, I just thought I'd check somewhere else and this was the cheapest offer.
2. While the unit that I spotted was the same pinkish one that turned me off, what they gave me was a sleek black one!
3. The package includes a bag and 4gb SD card already so I didn't have to worry about them.
4. Plus the Pixel Pro ladies were really nice and friendly.
5. The 10x optical zoom was a welcome bonus that the Verzio D520HD didn't have!

I didn't even read much about it (I was surprised to discover it actually has a manual focus) but I guess if it felt right, it's meant to be. I've been using it for about a month now and it hasn't failed me yet. I made a few bad choices before (Exhibit A: Aiptek) but I have no regret with this one. I guess I've developed this instinct when buying gadgets.

Today I decided to try out its built-in video editor (Intelli-studio). What's so cool about it is that I don't need to install it. I just need to plug the camcorder in the PC and the program s right there in its hard drive! For a stripped down basic editor, it's pretty awesome. Just check out the test video below.

My only concern now is looking for spare batteries.

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  1. Basta huwag sex video :)) Hope the Yale party was fun! -Densio