The Top 100 of 2010

I wrote an entry on my journal about how awesome 2010 has been. Unfortunately, it reached 3 pages - too long for a blog. So here I have a list of things I would remember about 2010 - good and bad. I got as far as 75 last year, so now I'm going to kick it up a notch and try to reach 100!
  1. Epic Yale New Year Party
  2. Welcome home, Jeff!
  3. Totally quitting smoking and cutting down on beer!
  4. Relaunching Fandom Live
  5. Working at Fizzer.ph
  6. Impromptu Tagaytay trip with Jay-r, Mark, Jovan and Densio 
  7. Watching the Backstreet Boys concert with Mark, Icheb, Jay-R, Jovan and Shey
  8. Welcome home, Alec!
  9. Komiks Trip
  10. Welcome home, Hec!
  11. Coordinating Rej and Oneal's Star Wars Wedding
  12. Watching RENT! with my closest geek and college friends
  13. Boardgaming with nieces and nephews
  14. Welcome to Montage Advertising and back to copywriting
  15. Writing for Playboy! (Thanks, Dante!)
  16. KaCASA Wins 6/7 seats at the CASA elections
  17. Finally hanging out at Mayric's (now Sazi's) to catch The Strangeness
  18. Watching The Princess and the Frog, Toy Story 3, and Voyage of the Dawn Treader
  19. Watching Sherlock Holmes with Paolo, Rej, Oneal, Karen, and Hank
  20. Watching How To Train Your Dragon and Alice on Wonderland on the same day!
  21. Watching The Blind Side with Chris, Paolo and Jovan
  22. RIP Karen's Dad
  23. Wholly Trek Day 2010
  24. Watching Avenue Q (again) with Caz and Regi(Thanks to Claire for the Tickets)
  25. Welcome home, Chan!
  26. Anak ng Tikbalang wins 2nd Place for the People's Choice Category at the Fully Booked Graphic/Fiction Awards
  27. Getting a Creative Zen Mozaic (Which I eventually lost)
  28. Bare: A Pop Opera soundtrack
  29. Komik Kon Summer de Avance
  30. Watching Kick Ass with Rej, Oneal, Urim, Adam, and Lorie!
  31. Goodbye, SM Megamall Bowling
  32. Reading The Trouble Boy (Tom Dolby), The Catcher in the Rye (JD Salinger), Dragons of Autumn Twilight (Weis-Hickman), Brida (Paulo Coelho), and The Chronicles of Narnia (CS Lewis)
  33. Reading and reviewing Ilustrado (Miguel Syjuco)
  34. Playing Final Fantasy I and II
  35. Jukebox musical soundtracks: American Idiot, Rock of Ages
  36. Legally Blonde the Musical (Didn't see the show but got the soundtrack)
  37. Discovering the music of Nick Blaemire, Kerrigan and Lowdermilk, Adam Gwon, and Adam Guettel
  38. Siege and The Heroic Age
  39. Happy Birthday, Sir Joel
  40. Lomophone!
  41. Rej & Oneal's Housewarming party
  42. Birthday Dinner for Ricky at Bellini's Cubao X
  43. Watching Iron Man 2 with Donna
  44. KKK / 99 Bottles (aka Jon's birthday party at Big Sky Mind)
  45. Happy birthday, Tobie at O Bar
  46. Free Comic Book Day 2010 with Mark and Macy
  47. Elections 2010
  48. Getting a keyboard and learning how to play
  49. Surprise birthday party for Oneal at Yale!
  50. Musical Thon (Finally saw The Sound of Music, The King and I and West Side Story)
  52. The Avengers movie assemble at the San Diego Comic Con
  53. Espresso Launch Party
  54. Happy Birthday, Teacher Marj at Freedom Bar!
  55. Happy Birthday, Paul at Yale!
  56. Lora and Melvin's Wedding
  57. Happy Birthday, Yanx at the Pageshop Office!
  58. Banana Gangbang Rock Festival with Joana, Hanna, Gen, and Ade!
  59. Densio's Despedida
  60. Watching Knight and Day with Karen
  61. Reading Watchmen (Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons)
  62. Happy birthday, Rocky at O Bar
  63. National Bookstore Mockingjay Launch at Bestseller's Galleria
  64. Anya's Birthday Lunch at their place in Cainta
  65. M's Birthday Party at Nuvo Sky Lounge and Metrowalk
  66. RIP Jon's Father-in-Law (First time to attend a Chinese wake)
  67. Writing for Netbooster Asia! (Thanks, M!)
  68. Writing for Saatchi! (Thanks, Jerik!)
  69. Mark E.'s Birthday Party at Big Sky Mind
  70. Quirino Grandstand Hostage Crisis
  71. Game Night at the Homestead
  72. Welcome home, Lola!
  73. Watching Xanadu with Jay-R and Paul
  74. Hello, GE X5!
  75. Watching Legend of the Guardians with Rej, Oneal, Karen, Meann and Gary!
  76. Troopings (Cosplay Mania 2010 and Party Pilipinas)
  77. Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes TV show
  78. Hoarding Avengers merchandise! (Posters, books and toys!)
  79. Birthday Suit Up/10th Avengers Fanniversary/Turning 29
  80. Assembling the SHIELD agent costume for and hosting the Hard Rock Halloween Party
  81. Meiday Halloween Edition
  82. Lady's Tim Burton-esque Halloween Party
  83. Reading Towers of Midnight!
  84. Trip to Pinatubo with Luna and Simon
  85. Rej's Birthday Salubong Inuman at Big Sky Mind
  86. Performing "21 Guns" at Rockstar BSM
  87. Rebel Legion Night at Aids' Fortress
  88. Happy birthday, Beejay and Paola at their friend's place
  89. Goodbye, Gadgets (Blue H1 UMPC, Palm Z22, Creative Zen Mozaic)
  90. Hello, MSI Notebook
  91. Doing Flash animation (Thanks, Rej!)
  92. Editing videos for the RCG Christmas Party (Thanks, Beej!)
  93. Watching Little Women with Jihan
  94. Paskuhan!
  95. Last Take Me Back Tuesdays at Il Ponticello with the college friends
  96. Hello, Samsung Memory Camcorder!
  97. Welcome home, Hec! (Again)
  98. Ninay and Wilson's Wedding
  99. Watching RPG Metanoia with Jovan, Mark, Jay-R, Lianne, Urim and Elaine!
  100. Drinking and impromptu game night at the Homestead
Not even counting all the OGMs, Kapihans and various other hang outs, 2010 has been a really memorable year with friends, family and fandom! I had to edit some stuff and move items around just to keep this list at 100. Good things must really come to an end but I'm thankful for a great year!


  1. Yahooo! Salamat salamat salamat din for such a great year, Neek :) -Densio

  2. Woot!!! We missed you last night sa Malate.

  3. Awesome! Let's make 2011 even more awesome, yes?