Laptop Opus

Yesterday, I got myself a brand new full-featured laptop - the MSI CR410.

It wasn't really a purchase that was a long time coming, but what's interesting about it is the chain of events leading up to it.

First, my brother bought a ridiculously powerful laptop (4gb RAM, double core processor, NVIDIA graphics card). Same brother then asked for my help on how to use PowerPoint for a presentation he had to do to get a promotion at work. He eventually gets the job and was so grateful to me that he promised to let me use his laptop if I ever need to use its power for my needs.

Of course, that is, as long as he's not home or not using it.

Then, Beejay gave me a racket editing videos for his company's Christmas party. Naturally, I cashed in on the favor my brother owes me and had his laptop to myself just last weekend so I can work on it. I finished and delivered the project and got paid immediately. Then I gave the laptop back to my brother.

Last Friday was payday at the office, including our 13th month pay.

Then last Saturday, Beejay told me he had a few more videos that needs to get worked on. It's also a long three-day weekend, so I figured I'd have time to work on it.

Unfortunately, it's also a long three-day weekend for my brother despite that he works at a call center where their holidays are not usually synchronized with the local arrangements. He may filed a personal leave.

That left me with a bit of a problem.

Also yesterday, my netbook, which I've had for two and a half years, suddenly died.

So I was left with the following situation:
1. I have a requirement.
2. I don't have the equipment.
3. I don't even have a computer.
4. I have a bit of money.

What's a guy to do?!

I was saving up money to eventually buy a Mac, but evidently circumstances have forced me to forego that dream for a while.
Still given the influx of funding, I still only had enough to get me a netbook.
I went online and found that one of those eMachine netbooks could work for my short-term needs (ie, Beejay's project).
Then I headed to Greenhills where all the best deals are.
After less than an hour of searching, I came across the MSI CR410 at PC Gilmore.

I thought it was a long-term solution at the price of a short-term one.
It was probably priced the way it was because:
a. It used AMD processors, which are just fine for my needs.
b. It didn't come with an OS, which was okay because I had a genuine Windows XP installer.

The good people at PC Gilmore even gave it to me at a much lower rate.

This is my first full-featured laptop and I'm really happy with it. Aside from the specs, the brand is globally recognized and there is a local service center in case I run into trouble. Still getting used to the big keyboard. Eventually, I hope to upgrade to a 4gb RAM.

Amazing how things work sometimes. I never even encountered this particular model until I chanced upon it on a store window!
I guess it was just meant to be.
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  1. Congrats on the new purchase! Tobie and I are hoping to get an awesome gaming / multimedia desktop setup soon. Cross your fingers!

  2. Wow you got yourself an early Christmas present.