Weekly Ketchup 25 - Discipline, Game of Thrones, and DISNEY!

I really don't like it when my blog is delayed. It's a small thing really. It's not like there is a cult out there hanging on my every word or that the secret to world peace and eternal youth can be found in these pages.

However, I do like the discipline of maintaining a regular schedule. And the lack of discipline on my part is actually the reason why this week's entry was behind schedule, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Before anything else, here are a few things I enjoyed last week.

Obviously, the Game of Thrones season 4 finale was a big deal. As someone who's read the books, I really appreciate how the show is faithful to the material but also finds ways to keep me on my toes. That scene between Brienne and the Hound, for example, had me going like "what the hell is happening here?"

At the same, books being a totally different medium from TV, I can also understand why certain plots from the book would have to be moved forward or backward in the show's timeline. What happened to Theon last season and to Bran at this finale were all news to me but were apparently covered in A Dance with Dragons, which I should probably get to reading before season 5 begins. Similarly, the Lady Stoneheart storyline, as much as I desperately wanted to get a glimpse of her, can wait until next season. That Night's King though.

All in all, I thought the these past two seasons of the show were pretty exhausting. I had to remind myself that both seasons happened in a span of just one book! Looking forward to the next season, I can't wait for my friends to meet the awesome Greyjoys, Euron and Victarion, and Arianne Martell (Oberyn isn't the only awesome Dornish noble)!

From one sandy locale to another, I also scored a copy of the original Broadway cast recording of Aladdin some time last week and I've been obsessed with it ever since! At first listen, I didn't like the show's arrangement of "A Whole New World" but it eventually grew on me and I loved it!

I got to see the local production some time back, which surprisingly enough actually preceded the Broadway run, but now I think I want to see the show again!

Finding the soundtrack was actually supposed to be part of my crusade to find a music alternative to Amazon or iTunes and Steam, same way I did with Kobo and Gog. I thought 7Digital would be a great alternative but no dice. Regional restrictions be damned. I still found the album one way or another. (*wink*)

I had even more Disney fun over the past weekend. I had volunteered to be a handler for the 501st Legion for last Saturday's ToyCon opening and, while I'm beginning to outgrow conventions (though I still have my sights on SDCC), seeing some friends and other cosplayers dress up as Disney characters just really made me giddy happy. It's like that feeling I had during the Flights of Fantasy Parade at Hong Kong Disneyland a couple of years ago!

The following day, my geek friend Jay-R's baby girl, Bea, had a Frozen-themed first birthday party. Of course, the decorative reindeer headband reminded me of something else.

I obviously had a fun weekend but now on to this matter of discipline. I knew that I was going to Toycon and this birthday party at least a month ago and was committed to both of them. I also knew that I was likely gonna be writing the past weekend, which was why I couldn't fully commit to another invitation for last Saturday, ie, geek friend's DIY pizza party.

Remember the article I had a hard time writing in the previous blog? As expected, me and my editor decided to do an entirely new topic and so I was supposed to spend the period between the ToyCon and Bea's party working on it. But then I felt so bad that many of our friends couldn't make it, so I ended up going anyway.

I had fun but I couldn't make a good pizza to save my life. I did, however, play as a Cylon in Alec's Battlestar Galactica board game and lasted the entire game without getting revealed.

I guess I could've been more firm about needing to work but the thing is I've been working on the article after my day job hours since Thursday and only finished it early morning Tuesday, which I was surprised to discover was a holiday (thankfully)! Essentially, I could've been finished or had gone a long way by the time of the party. It's ridiculous the time I time I took and the amount of distractions I allowed to creep up on me while working on this article. Hence, this blog's delay. And I hate it. I'm not usually this cluttered when writing.

Thankfully, my editor still gave me a new assignment after the long delay of that piece. I obviously need to work on keeping my focus in spite of all the things that keep me happy and excited. Oh, look! A bunny!

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