Weekly Ketchup 10 - This Week In Randomness

Well, this past week has been rather uneventful. Well, the Oscars happened but I hardly care anymore, though there was a time when I would tune in every year even if I hadn't seen any of the nominated movies or performances. Of course, I had to get in on that whole selfie thing.

Aids started it. I put myself in, hoping other friends would join and it would snowball.
I only ever take the toys out for photo ops like this.
I got to shoot atop a building under construction and that was fun... not. I was worried not just about my safety (one clumsy snag or slip and it's a long one-way trip for me) but also about the dust and dirt on my brand new gear. The client did not give us a proper briefing about where we're shooting - just that we're shooting their product: A wall. Seriously, a wall. A job is a job, I guess.

The location did give me some pretty exhilarating views to shoot though.

"Toy mode".
It's been a rather busy work week, no complaints there. On the racket side, I mentioned last week that I got a new assignment from Planet Philippines and that's always exciting. I just wish I can somehow get feedback from readers, so I know if they're enjoying my articles.

However, I did recently discover that I can search my printed articles here, though some are available on the web edition!

Last Thursday was the monthly quiz night at Amici. My team, the Hat Madders, won again after a month. This particular edition was more memorable because we blindly chose to joker a category that - surprise - turned out to be a sports category! Even more amazing: We aced it - or well rather, Jon and Sandor did! Other teams were even stealing from us! It was pretty surreal!

Photo from Dexter
Context: We generally suck at sports categories. "To joker" is to get double the points for every correct answer. "Stealing" is when a team scores if the team they "stole" from gets the correct answers.

Afterwards, I finally got to meet Jay Laga'aia, Wicked Manila's resident wizard and screen actor known for his roles in The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Xena, and Legend of the Seeker. The Philippine Outpost had organized several meet-ups with him but I'm always too busy. Thankfully, he had some business with Jovan that involved a hard drive so I got to tag along. Good timing, too, since today is their last day in Manila!

Photo from Jon. There's a more flattering photo but Jovan hasn't uploaded it yet.
After all the excitement from last weekend, I elected to make this weekend as ho-hum as possible. Played a few levels of Age of Wonders and Warlords Battlecry, caught up on this week's shows, and progressed on Guy Gavriel Kay's "Lord of Emperors".

Yes, all of this is pretty vapid and self-involved. I wish I can find some way to thread them all together thematically and then come up with some brilliant realization/universal truth/blabbity-blah that I can impart to any reader who stumbled upon my blog just to make the few minutes they spent here worth it.

But some days are just random.

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