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I started Monday expecting backlash from friends after openly declaring my disbelief of the Christian idea of "God" (and I know people are at least clicking - I can see the stats). Rather, I woke up to a message from my friend Grace asking about the income-expense projection matrix I wrote about a few weeks back, which was really touching. I ended up sharing my spreadsheet with her, customizing it a little to fit her needs better since she's also raising a family. Meanwhile, on Twitter, I got a mention from the Campbell River Mini Bus Tours telling me that they liked the travel vlogs of my trip there a couple of years ago. This, along with other encouraging comments left on my other vlogs, made me wonder (not for the first time) if I should do more travel vlogging.

Which reminds me, I came across this channel while perusing other travel vlogs. It's a web series about a group of half-breeds getting in touch with their Filipino roots. I have to say: Some of their challenges are pretty daring. I wouldn't even consider doing them!

Speaking of web series (and, well, breeds), here's one about a talking cat. I credit Jovan for this recommendation. I breezed through all the episodes and they're generally funny, though my favorite is the one with the dog having breakfast.

And while we're on the subject of talking animals, yep, you bet I'll go there!

It looks like it's gonna be fun but some circles opined that it looks too funny or comedic, which I really had no problem with it.

Other news that got some corners of nerdom raging this week is the casting of the Fantastic Four reboot. I've already said my piece about it, so I'm not gonna expound on that here. I will say this though: I did enjoy the previous F4 movies, no matter how much they deviated from the comics. I even remember feeling envious of the F4 fandom after watching the first movie. I wished then that they would come up with an Avengers adaptation that was just as fun. Well, obviously I got something better.

Another source of Internet rage this week was, of course, the Supreme Court's decision that the libel clause in the Cybercrime Prevention Law was indeed constitutional to some extent. I thought it was fair enough, though to be honest, I wasn't aware that the Philippines is one of only a few states that penalizes libel in general. I thought it was a generally acceptable law all around. I mean, seriously, where are they going to hold the thousands who shared their opinion that Senator Sotto is an idiot?

Speaking of restrictions, DRM! (Yeah, I know this was a bit of a stretch but bear with me) This week, there was a rather awesome Humble Bundle package of Sid Meier games that I didn't pick up mainly because I didn't want to register for a Steam account. DRM and its limitations are still a big deal for me so I'm sticking with GOG.com in the meantime. (I have a whole discussion in my head about DRM aversion but that deserves a blog on its own).

By the way, GOG.com offered Dungeon Keeper last week and while I didn't know anything about it, I got it since it's free anyway. I also got its sequel and a couple of new games because MASSIVE DISCOUNT!

Thanks to the Dungeon Keeper research, I also came across a nice Android game called Dungeon Ascendance this week. Obviously it's the fantasy element that drew me to the game more than the gameplay but I tried the FREE version and it's been fun so far, so I might actually buy it.

While we're on the subject of deals and free stuff, I signed up for Smashwords this week because of a tip from Bookbub. I know I'm trying to save money but hey! The beauty about having an income-expense projection matrix is that I also know how much extra income I can spare, and so far, I haven't breached my limit so I'm good. And these games and ebooks are hella cheap.

Another random Internet find is this beautifully haunting song. I heard it first in the background on one of the vlogs I was watching. The great thing about this song is the description also includes a FREE and LEGAL download link, which I thought was pretty nice of them to do!

And now to draw this week to a close, I came to the realization that (and please get your heads out of the gutter for this one) I don't know how to work with my hands. Obviously, computers in the general and the Internet in particular are tools that I know how to work with. But my skills as a writer and creative professional are easily outsourceable. In fact, most of my projects are outsourced to me, which is great but doesn't bode well for job security.

This new-found realization is brought to me by this little gem of life tips that I discovered, as always, thru the Internet. For the most part, the list makes sense but numbers 7 and 8 really got to me. What physical skills do I have that can't be outsourced?

Well, I'm good with production work. Hmmm, maybe I should get back into producing videos.

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