2013 in Photos

Going through my photos on Facebook, I realize how much of a blast this year had been!

So I thought I'd compile this little blog, Buzzfeed style.

1. First, there was that final book in the series that I followed for ten years!

2. Speaking of fandom, the Avengers turned 50!

Original to movie logos

3. And my friendship with my high school friends turned 18!

4. There were those couple of times I got published ( NAME INCLUDED) internationally.

Planet Philippines
San Diego Comic Con Souvenir Book

5. Then, those few times I tried something new and physical like running...

Outbreak BGC 2
Color Dash
...and rafting.

Magdalena, Laguna

6. When I got a new dog.

His name is Manong and he's a constant presence on my Instagram.

7. Or when my friends got married.

Armi and Jay-r
Duds and Carlo
Han and Bon
Pat and Carlos (Photo c/o Andrea)

8. And had babies.


9. A couple of friends returned after so many years away.

Alec's birthday
Hec's (plus Elaine and Rej's) birthday/s
10. And we went places!

UP Fair

11. We also said a goodbye to a fellow geek. RIP Vic.

Honoring Vic's favorite past time: GAMING!

12. Speaking of the geeks, one of the proudest moments I had this year was helping to raise funds for Yolanda survivors doing what we love to do - BE OURSELVES!

I even got to design our promotional materials.

13. I got obsessed with PAYING FOR digital content.

(Not in picture: Imagecomics.com and CDbaby.com)

14. And even got new gadgets!

My 'Droids
My e-book reader!

15. I didn't get to travel much this year but I still got to discover brave new worlds.

(Not in picture: Elantris)

16. I also started wearing glasses and got my teeth fixed (but we don't want a picture of that now, do we?).

17. Perhaps the best thing to ever happen this year (that don't get to happen often) was getting to spend more time with family since my grandma and my cousin were here.

That happened to be our first trip in forever - and I'm glad to have been the one to organize it!
18. Oh, and I turned 32.

For the most part, it's been a bit of a banner year. But it also left me with a lot to think about. It was the year of the elections and Yolanda, after all.
On a personal level, I realized I had some growing up to do.
I've been holding on to the returns from my Prudentialife college plan for quite a while only to see it fizzle out into practically nothing. That I'm unprepared for so many things was a harsh realization.

Still, it was a good year. The only regret I had was I seemed to have lost a friend.
My only wish for the coming year is to see that bridge rebuilt.

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