SHIELD Agent, Costume-made Uniform

Of the geeks, I'm probably the one who's the least bit interested in costuming. I'm very selective with the costumes I have so far worn. I declined the Star Trek uniform because I didn't like the fit.
I'd probably wear a costume that was lent or given to me, but I'm not the type to assemble or spend for it. Why?
a. For something I'd wear once, it takes too much effort (sewing, painting, etc.)
b. For something I'd wear once, it's costly especially since I'd have to defile the materials for the costume

The last time I actually assembled my own costume was in 2007.
Since then, I decided that by principle, any costume I'd put on should be:
a. Striking in its simplicity (Plus the fact I hardly ever wear a costume)
b. Made of clothes and accessories I can wear everyday

When I found out I'd be hosting this year's Marvel/DC hero-and-villain-themed Hard Rock Halloween party, I knew it was time to put on a costume again.It only hit me last Wednesday night what I wanted to do: A SHIELD agent.
It was unpredictable because:
a. It was neither hero nor villain but belonged in the universe
b. Not many people dress up as SHIELD agents
c. People anticipated that I'd go as a member of the Avengers

I thought of it Wednesday night and that's when I started foraging for the materials. I couldn't find what I needed at the mall, so I hit a nearby ukay-ukay and found the perfect shirt.
Then I decided I'd hit Divisoria Saturday morning because I bought a couple of belt packs there before that would be perfect for the waist. The rest just fell into place.

Here is a break down of the costume.

a. Black zip-up turtle neck shirt (P230) - It fit my neck, shoulders and chest just sexily but it was loose towards the waist, so it was problematic to tuck in.

b. Belt pack (P150) - It's actually a bit beige in color but it was closer to white than the gray one.

c. High-rise shoes (P650) - I stumbled upon this at one of the street vendors lining up Recto Ave. going to 168 Mall. There was one in pure white, which was perfect, except that the only pair they had was a size 9 (I'm a size 8). Looking back, I should've gotten that 'cause the one I got squeezed my toes painfully.

d. Two white belts (P80 each) and suspender (P80)- I found one street vendor selling these, though I only worked out how to make the legs and upper body straps when I got home.

e. Cargo jeans (P470) - I was just going to wear a pair of slacks but when I saw this from a street vendor, I thought it was perfect. It had a 29-inch waistline (I wear 30-inchers) but it fit me nicely, even with the shirt tucked in. I just had to rip out a couple of patches sewn into the pockets.

f. Two white leather armbands (P50 each) - I saw these at the mall and thought I can get it cheaper at Recto Ave. near where the schools are.

g. White cotton gloves (P29) - The first thing I saw when I was looking for materials at the mall but the last thing I bought after my trip to Divi.

h. Sticker paper (P35/10 sheets) and printing (P5) - For the SHIELD insignia. First I thought I'd print it on regular bond paper and use double-sided tape. The idea of using sticker paper instead dawned on me just a few hours before the event.

Total: P1,909. The best part is I can reuse and abuse everything. And I looked hella awesome!

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  1. nice one! kulang na lang baril and your ready for your next mission ;)