Backstreet's Back. Alright!

Obviously, this is a long overdue blog post.

Yes, the group was here for a concert last Feb. 27 sans Kevin Richardson who had already retired.

Yes, I was there in Gen. Ad. with Mark, Jay-r, Icheb, Shey and Jovan.

Yes, I once followed their career and liked their songs. I was 15 and clearly not so cool. Sue me but I will not make excuses. What? Bubble gum pop was all the rage back then!

I actually still have their first album on cassette. I once had a CD of their second album but I gave it to my cousin Monique who was so into them back in the day. I think she still is. I should go ask.

The thing was that my copy was the Asian edition and it came with bonus tracks that the North American edition didn't have. The time I went to Canda to stay with Monique and her family was around the same time that the appeal of BSB pop was beginning to wane on me. I didn't follow the group anymore after the second album.

So I gave my copy to Monique as a parting and thank you gift when I went back home in late 1999.

Ironically, the first time I saw the group perform live was in Seattle with Monique and my cousins. I still remember the ocean of cheering fan girls surrounding. I think my ears are still ringing. I don't having as much fun watching them though (what with the whole declining interest thing).

Flash forward to about a month ago and there I was dancing and singing along to Quit Playing Games With My Heart and As Long As You Love Me, among others. The concert itself wasn't as spectacular as the one in Seattle ten years ago - prolly cause they're not as big now as they were before. Still, the crowd was just as shrilling and I actually had more fun - maybe because of the novelty of it all.

More than anything, what I realize though is that being in that venue with that crowd and that boy band, I can pretend like I was 15 again. Good times, good times.

My cassette and my ticket.

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